As you can see from my photo, I’m not Mr. Universe or Mr. America, I’m a regular guy who happens to know a thing or three about exercise, nutrition, and fitness.

Like most of us, it’s easy for me to put on weight and by that I mean fat, and a lot more difficult to take it off.

Because I’m a baby boomer (62 in 2015) my focus is on our generation, people just like you and me. I understand the aches, the pains, the difficulty in becoming fit at our age. But it’s doable, it’s completely doable.

After learning that our generation will have a life expectancy greater than all of the generations that came before, a need grew within me to do everything I can to help my fellow boomers live those extra years in good health and fitness. FitPast50Now.com is one result of that need.


I have created, owned, and managed business within the Internet, Real Estate, Fine Art, and Apparel industries.

In 1994, my company, HomeHunters (a rental listing service), was the first such company in Los Angeles to establish a presence on the Internet. I subsequently sold it in 2000 to Cendant Corporation, a Fortune 150 company.

I’m married, have three adult children who are also married, and I have three beautiful granddaughters (so far).

I sincerely hope that as Fit Past 50 Now grows you’ll find the information here to be of value and help to you.

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