Tips and TricksNow, I know you’re smart enough to know that there’s isn’t any magic pill that will keep you moving forward toward your health and fitness goals, unfortunately.

Wouldn’t that be great, though, if there were?

So to make things simple, I’m going to give you two very powerful tips and one very powerful trick that will help you stay on track.


Powerful Tip #1


Ask yourself why you want to make this change in your life to become more fit and healthy?

And then ask yourself these two questions:

  • What will your life be like once you achieve that result?
  • What will your life be like if you don’t achieve that result?

Focus on your answers. Remember them.

Every time you “lose your way,” focus on the reasons why you chose to make this change in your life. Remind yourself why you began your program. Imagine how your life will be once you achieve your result.


Powerful Tip #2


Be compassionate with yourself. There will be times when you slip up. It happens to all of us, myself included. But don’t let that slip become a fall.

Whether it’s missing a workout or eating a bowl of ice cream, recognize it for what it is- just a slip, not an indictment of your commitment to your goals or an attack on your determination. It’s just a slip. Try not to do it too often, but show some self-compassion when you do.


Powerful Trick #1


One of the best ways to keep yourself committed to your goals is to make yourself accountable to someone else. That could be a friend that you workout with, it might be a personal trainer, it might be telling all of your friends about your goals, or it might be posting your goals and progress on social media.

While those last two may sound scary it’s because they are. If you really think about it, you’re making a commitment in front of the world, and now you have to back it up. Once you’ve taken that stand and made a public declaration, especially in writing, you’ll feel much more pressure to be consistent with your words.

And that’s really a good thing as far as meeting your goals, because we’re wired to be consistent with our words. Think about it, what do you think of the person who tells you they’re gonna do something and they don’t? Maybe you lose a little respect for them, think they’re lacking some integrity. I’m not talking about the person who gives it their all, 110% effort and just can’t quite make it. But you know what I’m talking about.

That’s why making a public declaration is so powerful.


My Public Declaration

Last year I decided to join a 12 week body transformation challenge at my gym (see my post here). I also decided to post my weekly progress on Facebook along with photos. I put it out there. It was scary, but it strengthened my resolve and my commitment to see the 12 weeks through and do my best.

And the end result? Besides what I had achieved physically, I felt proud of myself. I saw it through. And everyone had witnessed my climb to the top of the mountain.

There’s even a website called with two “k’s” that was created by some behavioral scientists at Yale. You define your goal, choose a timeline, and put something at stake (your reputation, money to a friend, or charity) and sign a Commitment Contract. And according to them, this can more than triple your chances of success.

Personally I like the idea of posting on Facebook, because you can’t take it back. But it’s really whatever works for you.


Tips And Tricks


To summarize:

  1. Focus on why you want to make this change in your life.
  2. Be compassionate with yourself. Don’t let a slip become a fall.
  3.  Make yourself accountable to someone else.

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