Let’s talk about joints today. No, I’m not talking about the kind you roll (we can talk about that another time). I’m talking about knee, wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints- the kind you hurt. As you get older, they get hurt more often, and they take longer to he


“The Expendables”

You might have seen “The Expendables” movies that came out over the past few years. I think there was one last year. The very first one with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger came out in 2010. Stallone was about 63 or 64 at the time and he looked incredible. He was shredded, he was defined, he had very little body fat. I read an interview with him and they asked him what his workout routine was. And he said at this age it’s all about managing pain.
I can agree with that, because over the years I’ve had to change my exercise routine to hit the same body part but at a different angle so it didn’t affect my joint. And I don’t say that to scare anybody off from exercise, of course not. You just have to be cautious about what you’re doing.


Racquetball Follies
A really good friend of mine
and I used to play racquetball 2-3 times a week at the local YMCA. We had such a good time, it was just a laugh fest. And we played until I couldn’t swing the racquet anymore with my right hand. It hurt too much. I went to see an orthopedist and he said I had “golfer’s elbow,” which comes from the backhand. He gave me a cortisone shot. The problem with cortisone is that it “masks” the pain, it doesn’t heal anything. You can only get so many cortisone shots before you start to do some interior damage.

So I got the cortisone shot. We continued to play again and until I couldn’t.The cortisone wore off. My friend was experiencing the same problem at this time. I’m a “righty,” he’s a “lefty.” We switched. I learned to play left-handed and he learned to play right-handed. We continued playing for awhile, until again, we couldn’t play anymore.


Composition of Joints

There are 4 basic elements that make up your joint. There are bones, ligaments- which connect bone to bone, tendons- which connect muscle to bone, and there’s myofascia- which is kind of like a web-like connective tissue that runs throughout your entire body connecting everything- muscles, organs, etc.

Other than arthritis, usually when you experience pain in a joint, it’s tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendons. This is caused by repetitive movements, overuse, and over-stretching. That’s what usually hurts and you just need to give it enough time to rest. Which again, is why I would try to find exercises to work around that body part.


Joint Mobility Supplements I’ve Tried

I tried the typical, common, joint mobility supplements that you probably all know- Glucosamine, chondroitin, they didn’t work for me. It doesn’t mean they won’t work for you, everybody’s different. You have to try things, you have to experiment, but those two didn’t work for me. I tried something called Astaxanthin which is supposed to be really excellent. It didn’t work for me either. The I tried Osteo Bi-Flex Triple Strength. It didn’t work. I even tried Knox Gelatin because I heard that was something good.


Then I came across something called Bromelain, which is an extract from pineapple. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme. And without getting all “sciencey” on you, proteolytic enzymes are found in all living things. What they do is they break down protein into amino acids which our body can use. So I tried the bromelain and it helped. It didn’t help completely, but it helped to a degree. The interesting thing about Bromelain is that if you take it with your meal, it aids in digestion, acid reflux. If you take it between meals it aids in joint mobility.

Boswellia Extract

Then, a friend of mine, in my Toastmasters group, told me that her husband had been suffering for years with his knees. It hurt him to walk until she came across something called Boswellia Extract. Boswellia Extract comes from the Boswellia Serrata plant in India. It’s more commonly known as “frankincense.” There have been clinical studies on it. I did some research. It’s supposed to help with osteoarthritis, also help with Crohn’s disease. I went on Amazon, looked at the different brands, saw what the reviews are, how many milligrams people were taking, and I started to take the Boswellia Extract. And that helped. I don’t know if it was a combination of that along with the Bromelain or that alone, but it helped.


The Joint Journey Continues

Nothing was 100%. It’s my left elbow and when I press on it, it still hurts. I remember one day (this is just an aside), I remember one day I’m cooking something on the stove and I lifted up the pan with my left hand. It’s got some food in it. What’s that weigh, 2 lbs.? And I couldn’t do it. My arm fell and I actually had to support it with my right hand.

It’s important to look for these supplements, and that’s my journey so far.
What I’ll do is I’ll keep you informed when I try new things- what’s worked for me and what hasn’t worked for me.

And if you’ll do me a favor, down below in the Comments section, tell me what’s worked for you, and what hasn’t worked for you, so we can all learn.

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